Ion5 Ionic Toothbrush Heads - 4 Pack Tapered

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The Ion 5 is the original and leading ionic toothbrush using patented ionic technology to clean your teeth and gums without the need for toothpaste or harsh scrubbing. Because it is an ionic reaction that ultimately loosens harmful ions (deposits) from your teeth and gums. 

The solar panel charges a semiconductor that is encased in a medical grade stainless steel handle. The semiconductor connects to the “engine” of the toothbrush – the titanium dioxide rod. When water contacts the Ti02 rod, the ionic, oxygen-cleaning magic happens. 

As in all our heads, we use Dupont Tynex brand bristles which are the standard internationally. The cut of a bristle strand is of critical importance in preventing lacerations on gums, and Tynex employ the latest technology to assure the tufts or clusters are neither uneven nor sharp.

This pack contains four of the Tapered replacement heads. A relatively unknown and rare bristle type, it has half of the cluster cut lower than the other half, which means there are thinner strands / filaments which contact the brushing surfaces. In turn, this means that the bristles will penetrate in between the gum-line producing a flossing type effect. User may notice some sensitivity during the first days of use, as the gums are being massaged more than conventional bristle types. This sensitivity will decrease within a few days, in general.

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