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Introducing ION5 the world’s original and leading ionic toothbrush from Soladey, using patented natural ionic technology to clean teeth and gums. The ION5 is a new dental hygiene solution. Simply by using the ION5 under good light for 2-3 minutes twice daily, you can expect brighter teeth, fresher breath, and a happier mouth in general for your whole family. The ionic toothpaste-free cleaning action is safe for children and even provides antibacterial effect on dentures or modified teeth. Now available in Melbourne to all of Australia and New Zealand.


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Consumer Product Review

Ben Coxworth of New Atlas online magazine reviewed the Soladey Ionic toothbrush range in September 2010 and in his article he noted "What makes it special is the fact that it uses nothing but light and water to clean your teeth. OK, it’s a little more complicated than just light and water."  He went on to ask the main question - "So, does it work? Japanese studies going back to 1986 that seem to indicate that it does, and a 1992 Canadian study actually determined that it removed plaque better than a regular brush. It has also, apparently, been shown to control plaque-producing bacteria in the mouth."  Read his entire article online:


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When exposed to any light source (a fluorescent bathroom light, a plain light bulb, or sunlight), the solar panel charges the patented titanium dioxide semiconductor rod inside Ion5 converting light into negatively charged electrons (ions). The rod releases these ions, which blend with saliva to attract positive (hydrogen) ions from the acid in the dental plaque. The acid is then neutralized and plaque is disintegrated. After wetting the bristles and semiconductor with water, brush your teeth lightly and thoroughly in the same way as with an ordinary tooth brush. You may if you wish use a small amount of your preferred toothpaste on the bristles although this is not necessary with ION5. Make certain there is always an adequate light source – natural or artificial on the solar panel as this is needed for activation.  

This Japanese worldwide patented ionic toothbrush uses scientifically proven photo electro chemical technology to neutralise lactic acid, fight unwanted bacteria and disintegrate harmful plaque.

Full technical details and instructions for best use of the ION5 Ionic Toothbrush are available in our FAQs.

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