In our search for quality natural product and services for your Pet we have found a number of like minds businesses we would highly encourage you to investigate for yourself. 

Dental Products and Services for Dogs & Pets

A Dogs Life Pet First Aid Care and Nutrition - Leanne has over 25 years experience working with Dogs & Pets including time with the RSPCA, as a breeder and in animal welfare.

Through the work at A Dogs Life, Leanne delivers Dog & Pet owners the benefit of her certified training and experience to equip them to provide First Aid Care & Nutrition for their animals.  A Dogs Life uses the pet CPR techniques developed by Pet Tech please see her webpage for information and course availability.  See also her introductory Doggie Health Info Sessions in our menu!


Fresh Breath Doggie Dental - Brian has over 18 years experience in Anesthesia FREE teeth cleaning and can provide a complete clean of your dogs teeth without the anesthesia risks. 

At Fresh Breath Doggie Dental we truly love animals and cannot look at what we do from a business standpoint but more so from a passion and a calling to help animals in need. It is our goal to educate pet owners of the dangers that are inherent with neglecting their pets oral health. These dangers and health risks range from heart, kidney, and liver disease to diabetes and tooth and bone loss. Teeth cleaning starting at eighteen months of age and then once a year after that will extend your much loved pets life for up to five years. Your pets long term health depends on having a good oral maintenance plan in place.


Suppliers of Natural Animal Care Products

A Dogs Life - Pet First Aid Care and Nutrition. Leanne is part of the team at A Dog's Life and is committed to improving the health and welfare of pets lives by educating owners.

A Dogs Life Pet First Aid Care and Nutrition provides group and private CPR and First Aid courses developed by Pet Tech™ International. These courses are internationally recognised and are taught by lecture and hands on skills practice. With our NEW Life Form Dog CASPER, CPR and breathing techniques can be practiced in a “simulated” pet emergency providing each participant the experience of gaining unique and valuable pet first aid skills. Other services include, Puppy Socialisation, Nutritional Advice, Pet First Aid Kits and Supplies & Natural Behaviour Solutions.


Total Pet - Jane and Jeanette are amazing ladies who are committed to quality natural health care products we recently met at the Dog Lovers Show try their PlaqueAway or ChillOut to assist dental cleaning routines.  

TotalPet is a brand that has been developed in Australia for both the domestic and international market. The family company includes family members that have science degrees, doctorates and extensive experience in the animal health/pharmaceutical industry, from both a government regulatory perspective (APVMA, TGA) and a private industry perspective. This experience, combined with their love for animals has resulted in the development of a range of natural pet products that are highly effective. These have been packaged into the highest quality nutritional supplements and treatments that enable your pet to have optimal health for longer.