Info Sessions

After attending several Doggy Shows and speaking to many dog owners we have decided to run some Doggy Health Info Sessions to help owners be more confident in how to care for their dog and what to do in an emergency situation.


Dates:       Sat 24th Feb or Sun 11th Mar* 10.30am to 12 noon

Cost:         $70.00 (incl light refreshment)

Location:   Frankston South


Sirius Dog Cares have teamed up with Leanne Carney of A Dogs Life Pet First Aid Care and Nutrition who will be taking the sessions.


Leanne has 25 years experience in the industry and certificates which include Certificate 3 in Training and Behaviour, Qualified Pet First Aid Instructor, Certificate in Nutrition for Companion Animal and Accredited Level 2 First Aid Member of Pet Tech™ International.


A minimum of 10 people are needed to run the Health Info session.  They will be held in Frankston South and the Cost is $70 with a $35 non-refundable deposit required 2 weeks prior and includes light refreshments. *note change of date from 10 Mar.

How to Book

  • Click on 'Paws to Shop Now' to enter our shop
  • Select the session you wish to attend
  • Complete your details and preferred Topics (only 5 can be covered) in the Cart Menu
  • Pay your 50% deposit (will only be refunded if the session is undersubscribed)
  • 2 weeks prior to the session you will receive an invoice for the outstanding amount, confirmation it is running and the Topics
  • 1 week prior you will receive the address and request for any food requirements.

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